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Thank you!
The Wait is Almost Over!!
Opening Month
Building update - would like feedback
Anxious & a bit frustrated


Festival of Flowers Update
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Thank you!
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Thank you!

We would like to personally thank each & everyone who has visited our shop. Our first three weeks have more than exceeded our expectations. We have enjoyed meeting so many amazing people who enjoy craft beer & wine. We have had so much positive feedback & continue to welcome all of your suggestions for new beer & wine to add to our shelves.
Check us out on Facebook for details regarding our upcoming tastings. If you would like to attend a tasting, please call for reservations - 864 223 9463.

The Wait is Almost Over!!

The wait is almost over - just two more days until we are open for business!!
We've had a busy four months, but all of the hard work is paying off. We have a few things that are not perfect yet, but we refuse to let that dampen our spirits. It's time to show you what Flynn's on Maxwell has to offer the Greenwood area!

Opening Month

June has arrived & we have accomplished so many things in the last couple of weeks. We still have quite a bit more to do before we open. We are thankful we are still on target to open on June 19th. We've met some wonderful new friends & we look forward to meeting many more. We are anxious to share our selection of wine & craft beer with all of you. Cheers!

Building update - would like feedback

I am happy to say that we are seeing a lot of progress on the building this week. The ceiling & the walls are almost finished. We left some of the brick natural & painted the rest. It was painted several different colors & it looked ugly; but not anymore! There's a partial word on one wall and I'm trying to turn it into something clever. The letters are Slo; one suggestion is the word sip. It's on the wall beside the tables where we will be holding our tastings. Any suggestions?

Anxious & a bit frustrated

I guess everyone knows how it feels to want something & at the same time have no control over when you actually get it.  We are at the mercy of so many other people to get their jobs done before we can move inventory into the shop & hang that 'open for business' sign in the window. I go to the shop every day hoping to see progress -sometimes I do and sometimes it looks exactly as it did the day before. I am trying to stay positive because I know everything will work out in the end, but sometimes that is easier said than done.


We have had several requests for wine & beer - Thanks & keep the requests coming!
Cakebread Cellars, Sauvignon blanc
Evesham Wood, Pinot Noir
Casillero del Diablo, Pinot Noir
Evenstad Reserve® Chardonnay
Habersham, Cabernet Sauvignon
Adelsheim, Pinot Noir
Red Heads Studio, 'Barrel Monkeys' Shiraz 2009

RJ Rockers Brewing Co.
Thomas Creek Brewery
Oskar Blues Brewery
Alaskan Brewing Co.
Brewery Ommegang
Mendocino Brewing Co.

Festival of Flowers

Our target date to open is June 19th during the Festival of Flowers. We are thankful our contractor is on schedule. We look forward to being a part of Uptown Greenwood during this special celebration. We hope you plan to add us to one of your many stops as you visit our beautiful Uptown area.

The countdown begins, 62 days & counting!!

We signed the lease this week and are ready to start work on our shop. We plan to be open for the Festival of Flowers the week of June 19th. We are getting lots of positive feedback from the Greenwood community. Thank you for the words of encouragement & love you are sending our way. We look forward to meeting everyone & raising a glass with all of you!

Our First Post

Flynn's on Maxwell will host beer & wine tastings every other weekend. Our events calendar will be updated as we get closer to our opening date in June. 
Distributors representing various vineyards and breweries will be on hand to provide samples and discussions. We will offer special discounts on the
featured beer or wine during the tastings.

We are excited about the growing popularity of craft beer. We are thrilled to share our favorites and provide you with the latest brews on the market.
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